Revised PTV Melbourne Metro map

Update: Now appeared in Daniel Bowen’s blog and subsequently The Age.



Here are some revised PTV schematics based on providing the least disruption for Melbourne. With this method Parkville station will be built in Stage 4 with the South Morang separation.

Arden st looks to be scrapped under the new plan with Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne picking up a station. Southern Cross will be the city entry point for the Sunshine-Dandenong line.

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2 thoughts on “Revised PTV Melbourne Metro map”

  1. If it’s true that you’re a State government staffer, then you may be trying to fly a kite here. But if this is what’s being seriously considered, then it’s another reason why you’ll be looking for a new job come November: are you seriously proposing a route which misses most of the CBD by (literally) a mile, just so it can do a massive dog-leg into a Fishermens Bend precinct that’ll make Docklands look like a hive of activity?
    I’d hate you to think that I’m just a transport and urban planning geek. I’m also a politics junkie – and that part of me cannot fathom how the following sequence of events is going to win your bosses a single vote they didn’t win in 2010:
    1) Campaign heavily on the promise that you’ll “Fix the trains”.
    2) Unexpectedly win an election, thanks, in large part, to said promise.
    3) Almost as soon as you get your bums on the government benches, re-design the rail tunnel without which you can’t “Fix the trains” so you can say it’s more affordable than the one your opponents first proposed. (Don’t think those of us who care about these things have forgotten that.)
    4) Sit on your arse for three years, doing bugger-all to get that rail tunnel any closer to being built this decade.
    5) In the meantime, put all your money on a road tunnel which nobody really needs.
    6) Less than a year out from the next election, read your private polling – which says you’re doomed because you’ve got nothing worthwhile to show for your promise to “Fix the trains” and nobody (even the Herald-Sun!) cares enough to really want that road tunnel.
    7) Panic!
    8) Instead of deciding to finally build that rail tunnel after all, piss-fart about by suggesting you might go back to the drawing board for reasons which can only be described as bullshit. (Trust me, this “disruption” angle is fooling nobody. Since when was anyone mad enough to even contemplate the possibility of building a tunnel through a CBD by ‘cut-and-cover’ rather than boring machine.)
    9) Go back to the drawing board in the hope that, maybe, you can come up with a plausible alternative route for the rail tunnel in time for Cup weekend.
    PS I applied for a staffer job and, luckily, got knocked back after being interviewed. (The balance of my mind was somewhat disturbed at the time of the application. And it took an inordinately long time for them to get back to me after that interview.) Feel free to use that against me – or even ignore me on that basis. All I’ll say in my defence is that I believed back then that the Liberal Party had finally learnt that it had to take public transport seriously.

  2. Ugh, what a god awful alignment, for the reasons Michael described. Besides, would it really even save any money to run the line on such a circuitous route like that?

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